Author: Kyle Herrington

Stuck in a Rut

Though considered the developed world, we seem to have stopped developing new ideas to our problems, relying instead on old tropes to solve the problems our world faces. Case in point: children in the age of climate change. In...

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Imago Dei Politics is an independent voluntary association of individuals which seeks a radical transformation of American politics that recognizes all human beings as being created in the Image and Likeness of God.

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  • RT @RyanDeto: The more the media gives credence to pie-in-the-sky technologies like hyperloop, the more solutions that can happen, ones tha…
  • RT @brandonmcg: Tfw you outright admit the appeal of our abortion regime is killing poor people who’d be too expensive to support, and 100,…
  • RT @dril: today; we are all Yale
  • RT @micahmattix: Proof we live in a decadent society: We talk about having kids in terms of buying a new car. "Are you happy your new car/c…