Imago Dei is Latin for “Image of God.”

We recognize all human beings share a common origin in the transcendent, and are called back unto it. It is this first principle that makes us more than fellow citizens: we are neighbors, siblings to one another as children made in the Image of God.

It is this common image of God, shared by all human beings, which is under assault in the age of liquid modernity. We are assailed by great forces which turn human beings into statistics, resources, and collateral damage.

As we are all made in the image of God it is our duty to build a politics and culture which does not instrumentalize any human person. We believe Catholic Social Teaching to be the most coherent, consistent articulation of the world we are called to build for ourselves and our neighbors. We understand radical new definitions of the human are being promoted, to the detriment of the unborn, the disabled, and the elderly. We are all affected by the attack on any one individual’s humanity. Not one of us is an island, and we are called to steward our common home and common dignity.

We look forward to walking with you as we seek to restore a truly human vision of society based on the first principle of our shared universal dignity.