Imago Dei Politics is glad to share the details of our 2018 Conference
with members and friends!

We will be gathering together the weekend of October 26-28 in Pittsburgh,
Pennsylvania. Members and fellow travelers will share talks, discuss
ideas, and clarify our mission for the coming year. Our conference theme
is “Attending to the Image of God,” with talks and workshops centering on politics, the Benedict Option, economics, and what it means to be truly countercultural.

On the evening of Friday October 26 we will gather at a member’s home
outside the city for dinner and fellowship. All members are invited, but
please contact us at if you’d like to attend to receive the address. Guests are invited to bring a poem, text, or song to share though it is not required.

Saturday October 27 we will meet at St. Raphael’s Church in the
Morningside neighborhood of Pittsburgh for a day of talks and discussion.

Speakers include:

Zebulon Baccelli

Dr. Stephen Beall

Dr. Skylar Covich

Dr. Theresa Covich

Patrick Harris

Charlie Jenkins

Bud Marr

Brandon McGinley

Anthony Resnick

Tara Thieke

and Christopher Zehnder.

Attendees are invited to join us afterwards for dinner at Tana, a nearby Ethiopian restaurant, following the talks.

On Sunday October 28 we encourage members to get together for worship and then to explore different cultural activities in Pittsburgh (if you’re brave, you
can go down to the stadiums to watch some pre-Steelers game tailgating).

If you are not able to attend in person, please remember the conference in
your prayers and look for some fruits of the conference conversations on
our website in the coming months.

Click here to register.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have additional ideas,
concerns, or needs for us to take into consideration.


In the peace of Christ,

Theresa Covich & Tara Thieke