Submitted by Leslie Shaw Klinger

St. Catherine of Siena

A woman of her times she was not – she discarded the expectations and constraints of the times to reach out and confront error, injustice and heresy.  She did so using words and actions.  Her ability to persuade those ‘above her station’ to consider their behavior in light of whether or not it pleases God and added to the common good is something we hope to do. She acted in love…always in Love.


Father Joseph Illo

Current pastor of Star of the Sea Parish in San Francisco, stands at the ambo and speaks against the current culture.  He has been vilified in his own city and a lightening rod of controversy and never loses sight of his calling – to speak Truth in a culture that rejects it at most, at worst, labels it as Hate Speech.  We do not have to agree with all he says (I don’t) but I am a deep admirer of his commitment to Truth and Love.

“The discipline and asceticism of acting against one’s own will in deference to the beloved—always out of ultimate reverence for Christ—sanctifies everyone in a parish.”


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