The symbols of our age may be plastic and brands, but they need not be ours. As part of our aspiration to attend to the image of God in the world, Imago Dei Politics has decided to seek out nine worthy figures who are emblematic of our identity and goals. While mission statements and values are fundamental, we do not live by abstractions alone, but are aided by the experience and testimony of our fellows.

For newcomers, these Nine Worthies will help illustrate the purpose and ideals of IDP. For those already members, they will remind us of who we aspire to be, and shape our mission and practice. While not necessarily patron saints or “success stories, these figures will inspire us individually and collectively to consider the significance of the Imago Dei, and how we can provide a Christ-centered witness in the public sphere.

Anyone can submit a candidate for consideration; please email your suggestion with an illustration or photograph and some words on why this individual represents the mission of IDP, or why their life should direct our future. Please email your submission to Details on the selection process will be shared in a later post.