As the Chair of the Executive Committee here at Imago Dei Politics,  I want to address some misconceptions regarding our identity and purpose as an organization. Imago Dei Politics is NOT officially incorporated NOR are we actively working towards incorporation at this time. Accordingly, we are also NOT officially recognized by the IRS in any capacity (non-profit as either a 501(c)3 or 501(c)4 or a political party as a 527). We have NO current funds under our control NOR are we fielding candidates for election anywhere in the United States. The extent of our activities is limited to publishing online content and recognizing candidates of any party or no party at all that share our views.

Bottom line, we are certainly not a “political party”.

I am confident this will clear up any confusion and thank those for their concern in this matter.

All the best,

Jeffrey A. Stuart
Chair, Executive Committee