It is with deep sadness that we comment today on Alfie Evans’ innocent life and situation currently unfolding before the world’s eyes. Alfie Evans is a sick child that deserves the best care; everyone in the situation agrees with that. However, “quality of life” language has crept in and blinded medical professions and the courts to the reality of the tiny life before them, struggling to breathe.

After being taken off the ventilator, which was cited as the only reason Alfie was still living, Alfie has been breathing for numerous hours on his own. Instead of relenting when seeing that Alfie had a fighting chance, when the Italian government gave Alfie citizenship and guaranteed to bring him to a children’s hospital in Italy on a military aircraft, seeing that the parent’s claims in this case were not misguided and torturous, the courts have not acted to help Alfie.

Alfie’s life is worth preserving. In this situation, there seems to be no evil intent, but that does not mean that an injustice is not being committed. We will continue to pray for Alfie, his family, and everyone caring for him. Let this moment also serve as a reminder to us in the United States to work harder for creating a culture of life in our country and specifically in the medical community.