In response to our recent elections, I wanted to offer the following statement of thanks to everyone and layout a general thought of where I would like to help take this group.   The full slate of results as released last week by our President of the Board of Trustees, Ms. Tara Thieke, follows.

Election results for the Board of Trustees:

Dane Garrett
Patrick Harris
Charlie Jenkins
Tai-Chi Kuo
Jeremy Miller
Lucy Moye
Tara Ann Thieke
Monica Tully

Jeffrey Stuart was elected Chair of the Executive Committee.
Tara Ann Thieke was elected President of the Board of Trustees at the Board’s first meeting.
Reverend Leslie Martin was elected to serve as our Chaplain.

The Board of Trustees approve the follow members to serve with Mr. Stuart on the Executive Committee:

Eric Anton, Vice-Chair
Jeremy Miller, Secretary-Treasurer
Zebulon Baccelli, Political Action
Skylar Covich, Political Action
Brendan Illis, Communications
Dane Garrett, at-large
Charlie Jenkins, at-large

We thank everyone for their participation in helping get Imago Dei running. There are is a lot to do; if you were not elected to office or are not currently serving on a committee, please consider how you can best participate in order to serve the Imago Dei mission.

-Tara Thieke
President of the Board of Trustees