Month: October 2017

The Wrong Kind of Moderation

Last week, Governor Bruce Rauner (R-IL), abandoned the quiet, personal socially “tolerant”, business-focused image he used (with success) when campaigning for the Illinois Governorship[1] and signed HB0040[2] – a bill...

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  • RT @RyanDeto: The more the media gives credence to pie-in-the-sky technologies like hyperloop, the more solutions that can happen, ones tha…
  • RT @brandonmcg: Tfw you outright admit the appeal of our abortion regime is killing poor people who’d be too expensive to support, and 100,…
  • RT @dril: today; we are all Yale
  • RT @micahmattix: Proof we live in a decadent society: We talk about having kids in terms of buying a new car. "Are you happy your new car/c…